Do You Want to Drive for Anytime Taxi Service And Pi Live? Start Your Taxi Driving Career Today

Potential Drivers

If you’re looking for a career change, becoming a taxi driver for Anytime Taxi Service and Pi Live may be the perfect option for you. But, we have a few requirements:

  1. You must obtain a valid driver’s license, and it cannot be expired
  2. You must obtain a city of Edmonton taxi driver’s license
  3. You must go through a security/criminal check through us
  4. You must have an official document with your GST and QST numbers

With these documents, please fill out the provided form below to get started on your application with us.

Current Drivers

If you are a current driver, take a look at this section for forms including a change of address, a vehicle change or a notification of temporary stoppage. If any of these things need to occur, it’s important to always fill out the required information, letting us know your information.

Change of Address

Please fill out the provided form if you have recently changed addresses.

Vehicle Change

Have you recently changed vehicles? Please fill out the provided form letting us know.

Temporary Stoppage

If you need to stop using your vehicle temporarily, please fill out the provided form and we’ll contact you shortly.